Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Preparing for departure.

Check List for Travels

  1. Complete Itinerary (Below!)
  2. Book Flight to Bangkok (Departs October 27th Delta Airlines from PDX)
  3. Register with Couch Surfers
  4. Find 2 hostels and 2 hotels in each city (back-up plan)
  5. Make appt. with Travel Clinic (August 3rd!)
  6. Open new "international/travel friendly" accounts (DONE!, WSECU)
  7. REI trip for new Backpack/other gear (NEW GEAR!)
  8. Register with Embassy (Embassies...) (Registered!)
  9. VISA for Vietnam   
  10. More Research! (doin' it!) 
So close!
Done as of 10/10/10!

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