Friday, August 20, 2010

As of August 10th

I bought my plane ticket to Bangkok, Thailand!

Delta Airlines taking off from PDX at 11:45 am. Lay over in Tokyo, Japan for a couple of hours then on to Bangkok!

I also spent a good deal of money at REI (my new favorite place) getting a bunch of awesome travel gear. New backpack for carrying on, organizers, luggage locks, head lamp, rain jacket, water tablets, travel towels, sunscreen, bug spray, clothes, etc.

And then I finally picked up my meds at the pharmacy.

At this point I am one vaccination and a few doo dads away from being ready to go.
Kind of...
Sort of...
Not really.

Next on the agenda: Visas for Vietnam, Ethiopia and Kenya. Hotel/Hostel booking. Couch Surfing.

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