Friday, December 10, 2010

A Quick Look at My Time in Vang Vieng

Today marks my last day of volunteer teaching for EEFA (Equal Education For All), my last day on the Organic Farm and my last day in Vang Vieng. Since I was without internet for the majority of my time volunteering, I will write a summary of some of my experiences and thoughts during teaching along with pictures in a later post (because I'm using a stupid internet cafe thing). It has been a truly incredible experience and I hope that I'm able to work in a school again. I finally feel a sense of accomplishment!

Teaching English to a group of children who don't understand 70% of what you're saying is a challenge. Thank gawd I'm fluent in gesticulation or else I'd be completely out of luck. I would also like to thank gawd for songs like " Mary had a little lamb" which turned out to be most helpful in teaching the past tense as well as "I'm a little Tea Pot" which helped in teaching the letter "P." You try teaching 25 hyper active 3rd graders who don't speak the same language as you an entire 50 minute lesson devoted to the letters "P" and "G" ... yeah, not that easy. Solution? "Let's sing a song!"

Speaking of the letter "G," I milked a goat. Yes, I finally overcame my fear of goats and I helped clean out their house, fed them and yes, milked one of them. I've decided that some goats are O.K. as long as they don't: jump on me, try to eat me, try to mount me, try to climb me, ram me, sneeze on me, or poo on me.

More to come later when I destroy the Trojan Horse that has invaded my laptop. Stupid technology.

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