Friday, November 19, 2010


I took a bus to Pai and instead of taking in my surroundings on my first day here, I fell asleep for 13 hours. Go me! But no worries, I rented a scooter on the second morning and set out for an adventure. Sort of. First off I had to teach myself to ride a scooter. On my first attempt down the street I ran into a street vendor. And it wasn't "ran into" as in "oh hey, ol' chum! How are things?" It was more like, "HOLY COW! Move out of the way! Batten down your hatches! Hold on to your sticks of meat!" and then thump. Don't worry no damage to anything but my ego. And of course I wore my helmet. Safety first, kids.

After half an hour of riding around I finally mastered the art of the turn and then it was off to the water falls! I saw two in a day and that was good. Too many people and not enough water fall.

Overall Pai is gorgeous. I made a few wrong turns and ended up in the old part of the city and the farming area. I almost hit a cow as well. He/She seemed completely unaware of my existence and just carried on crossing the road. But, back to the point, gorgeous countryside.

It's a charming place and I wish I had more time but I'll be back in Chiang Mai tomorrow and then onward to Laos!

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  1. Okay, well, bye bye Pai! But hey, now that you know how, you can zip around on scooters everywhere you go! Fun.