Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keep to the Coast

I may be single handedly keeping the tourism industry in Croatia alive. I am, once again, the only person staying in this hostel. Apart from the owner/manager? He's around somewhere, I think. I hear him sometimes.

I made my way from Pula to Zadar yesterday. I thought I got on a direct bus but apparently those don't exist. So we followed the most gorgeous coastline I've ever seen for about 7 hours and when I arrived I was shocked to see PEOPLE. There are people here. Tons of people. And yes, I still stand out somehow. Thanks to couch surfing I met up with a local woman who told me a bit about what she does and we discussed education because she wants to finish up her masters degree in Edinburgh. My main reason for coming to Zadar was to see the university here (and let's face it I love the Croatian coast. It's officially my new favorite place) and to get an idea of what life is like in Zadar. I had my first cup of truly delicious coffee this morning and I'm still buzzing. Oh caffeine how I have missed thee.

This afternoon I am distracted by something I was discussing with Melani. We began talking about immigration. She actually started talking about it and I was so excited (and caffeinated) that I almost started jumping up and down in my seat. Someone else who wants to talk about education AND immigration AND international cooperation (as it applies to education of course)? After I stopped jittering I  explained to her why I was so excited about this: basically, put all those things together and you have the reason I'm here. This may sound boring but I've been almost completely alone for a week and being able to talk to someone about something that I'm passionate about, oh man, it felt good.

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  1. Wow, what are the odds? Hooray for meeting simpatico strangers!