Sunday, March 27, 2011

Over the Mountains and through the Woods to Montenegro

The journey to Montenegro from Kosovo was full of absolutely stunning scenes like these. And the beauty just doesn't end! 
I made it to Kotor after getting off the bus prematurely in Budva. The bus driver, who to his credit, didn't speak much English told me, in his gesturey way, that this was the stop I should get off at. Oh how wrong he was. After half an hour walking in circles asking multiple people where I could find the hostel, a kind taxi driver told me that I was in Budva, not Kotor. Kotor is a beautiful place. The history of Kotor is interesting because this was the first line of defense (if you will) through years and years of wars and empires trying to conquer lands and people, whatever those big empires did back in the day. The town itself is charming and fully of charming people. Yes, charming. Kotor was charming. Plus it's built on a fjord, which is just a fun word to say. The reason tourists come to Kotor every year, other than the fact that it is charming, is to climb up to the fortress. Which I did, naturally.

So that was Kotor and the fortress. After thoroughly exploring the city of Kotor I went to Perast. I have a confession to make. I've been searching for Perast since I arrived in the Balkans. But I didn't know it was Perast. I was told (by a friends) that there is this wonderful small town which has two islands. One island is man-made and has a small chapel which sits atop this pile of rocks in the middle of the water. I thought it was in Croatia so at ever city I visit along the Croatian coast I would ask. Is there, near by, a man made island? It may have a small church built upon it? Do you know of such a place? And each time I would receive a weird look or two which indicated, no, they had no idea what I was blabbering on about. After traveling the entire coast of Croatia with no luck I had given up. Until one day when I discussing with Matt my plan to go to Kotor. To this he replied, "if you go to Kotor you must see Perast" and then told me of the island, the man made island, I had been searching for. 
The day to visit Perast came and as I entered this very small village I saw it. The island. I had heard a rumor that if you go to the dock you could get on a boat and for 4 euro they would take you to the island, drop you off there and then later pick you up. I excitedly sat at the dock, scanning the few houses and business for any sign of human activity. A few cars passed here but after an hour of silently, patiently waiting at the dock, I sighed, and gave up trying to visit the island that I had been searching for. At least I found it. 

I thought briefly about borrowing the boat and rowing myself out to the island but I am really horrible at rowing and decided I would rather give up the dream than accidentally drift off to sea. 

The islands of Perast

Only other person I saw. Probably not able to operate a boat. 

So people live here, right?

They follow me everywhere. 

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