Wednesday, March 30, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Howdy. I turned 23 a couple of days ago and yes I was in Skopje, which is probably not an ideal location. But I'll be honest, I've had worse birthdays. There weren't balloons, there wasn't any cake, I didn't unwrap any gifts and no one made me pin the tail on the donkey. Instead, I arrived in Skopje at four in the morning on the 28th, finally made it my hostel by half past five then slept until noon. Once I woke up I found that there was only one other person staying in the hostel: Alex from Boulder, CO. So we ventured out, walked around Skopje a bit and ended the day at one of the only bars in Skopje that sells dark beer. Randomly we were served some "chicken fingers" "on the house" and made friends with a very persuasive canine. 
He kept moving his head so the picture doesn't really do him justice. Trust me, he was adorable. I mean just look those eyes! In conclusion, a birthday is just a day, like any other day. Normally I would place a lot of importance on March 28th, but it was nice to just kind of ignore the fact that it was my birthday. Instead of celebrating it on one day I'm spending a week in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia and I'm going to let myself spread out a little bit. I don't know anything about Macedonia, the culture or the people, so I'm here to learn. Plus it's gorgeous here:

View from my room
Also fun fact of the day Lady Gaga is my Birthday twin "We were born this DAY" (clever, no?):

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