Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Singin' in the Rain!

The rain in Vietnam stays mainly in the... I don't know what rhymes with Vietnam.
It has been a rainy wonderful few days here in Hoi An. I'm so glad I came! I know what you are all thinking. "She's loony." Well don't worry the Vietnamese feel the same way. In fact, I received a free poncho this morning because this woman was so worried about me. Apparently choosing to ride a bike in the rain is something sane people just don't do. I, however, have enjoyed every second of it! I do have a Skype date so I needed to find shelter, but let me tell you, if I didn't have a Skype date I would be riding around like the crazy person I am and singing in the rain. It's so refreshing after 2+ months of hot weather.
The poncho rainbow:

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