Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've Been DUPED.

It has finally happened, I've officially been duped.
I was looking forward to my Sapa adventure you know, going to get in some hiking and enjoy the mountain scenery. Tonight I began my journey: called the cab at 9pm because I am always worried about being late so I end up at places extremely early. The cab apparently "forgot" about me multiple times and thus did not arrive until 9:35pm. My train leaves at 9:50. I'm stressin' a little bit. I don't EVER cut it that close. I arrived at the train station at 9:45pm, fine whatever, there's a train pulling up, great that's probably my train, first thought? Ask someone who looks like they know what they're doing: Check! "Hello, kind sir! Is this my train?" Show the "official" looking guy my ticket. He points to the train shows me where my seat is and I thank him. Then he demands $2. Oh no, I know better. So I say, "NO." He continues to ask and I say "No" until he leaves. Yay, me! It's now 9:52pm and another person joins me in the cabin. He points at my bed and says something in Vietnamese so I stare blankly at him until he shows me his ticket. His train is different than my train. Oh, shit. I find another official looking guy and he says, "Oooohh, no, no, no, no, no." Then he points to the train on the other track... that is leaving the station. Perfect. I missed my train because the first "official" looking guy WAS A SCAMMER and actually had no idea what train I was supposed to be on.
Of all the transportation in Vietnam WHY ARE ONLY THE TRAINS EVER ON TIME?!?!?
Even better? I can't refund any tickets or the hotel I booked.
Good News? More time in Hanoi. Oh goody.
This is the devil train. Actually, everyone else at the station was relatively nice. I should have started crying then I probably could have gotten a refund on my tickets. 
This is where I could have been. Oh well. Instead I'm here:

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