Friday, January 28, 2011

Too Much Time to Think

Somehow, quite accidently, I've managed to put myself in Zagreb on the greatest night of the month... possibly year: Free museum night!!! Now, I do love me a museum or two but after a while the entrance fees begin to add up. Tonight every museum is free from 6pm-1am... How will my wee little brain handle all that? I'm totally pumped. Once the magic of this night is over i will know everything about Zagreb.
(UPDATE: pictures)

It was a sad story. 

My favorite museum of all time.

Me and my dope posse.

On a more serious note:
I've been aimlessly wandering (ahem reference to title here) around Zagreb, taking in the sights and I started thinking about what I might be doing if I were home right now. My mind went blank. What would I be doing? A couple of days ago I was chatting with this nice young man from Australia about life plans and what I hope to get out of this experience and I realized I am not doing anything I had expected when I set out on this adventure. Well that's not entirely true, I'm just not doing anything to the extent that I had expected to. I was truly expecting to connect with more locals or at least people who I could keep in contact with to help further down the road when I'm researching/writing whatever the heck I thought/think I was/am going to be doing with my life. (You may be confused by all the "/" but please stay with me dear reader). As I explained to my Bonder-advisor (and general super cool lady) Brook, I feel like a sponge. I'm here in Croatia and I'm just passively absorbing the culture around me instead of actively seeking new experiences. I'm spending far too much time in my own head. I'm definitely the product of a Western world and I constantly feel the need to achieve something. Instead of just being in a place and accepting this experience for what it is. I'm trying to force meaning onto everything I'm doing.
I also felt this enormous wave of homesickness today. I have no idea what I'd be accomplishing back home (and let's face it probably not a lot right now) but I can't help it. Everyone says there is a 3 month wall... well, it was 3 months as of January 27th, here's my wall.
Now to Pula!


  1. Hey Brittany,
    Just a little comment of commiseration! I feel like one of the hard parts of this fellowship is that so many of us want to make meaningful connections, but the nature of the Bonderman is to keep moving, which makes forming those connections hard. I had certainly hoped to connect more fully with more people, but instead feel like I default to tourist mode. And it's already kind of exhausting just to be in a series of different cultures: trying then to actively seek things on top of that can be hard!

    So, just to say: word. Embrace the necessity of the three month wall, and know that there's another side to it.

  2. These pics are amazing. The sad story one! The museum of broken relationships! good.

    I also just want to take a moment to tell you that you are incredible and wonderful and I love you more than I could possibly express. That's all. Keep on truckin' lady!