Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Z" is for Zagreb

I made it to Croatia safe and sound. Met an extremely nice Croatian/Canadian/Chinese man (Croatian by birth the other two C's by citizenship) who speaks Croatian and helped me make it to the hostel. Three cheers for reliable public transportation! Hip-hip Hooray! My first two days in Zagreb were spent recovering from my 40 hours of travel/jet lag/climate change. It is 20ish degrees here. First stop? Proper footwear. Rain boots. Everyone here dresses really nice and every one owns these awesome looking leather boots (I have serious boot envy) and I have black rubber boots. I stand out a bit. But enough about me. Zagreb is great! The architecture, oh the architecture! It's gorgeous. Examples:

Um, wow, the pictures are taking decades to load so the above are the Katedral (Cathedral) and the statue of Count Josip Jelacic Buziski who was a general in the Austrian army and Governor of Croatia form 1848-1859. He is also on the 20 kuna banknote cause he abolished serfdom or whatever, NBD (no big deal). Getting lost has never been so enjoyable. 

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