Monday, January 31, 2011

Pula Arena

The Pula Arena was built by the Romans starting in 27 BC until its completion in 68 BC. At the time it was constructed, it would have been directly placed on the coast. The reasoning behind this placement was to create water and sewer systems. In addition to rinsing off blood and disposing of animal and gladiator corpses (ew) the water systems allowed the Romans to fill the arena with water for mock naval battles. The arena is now used as a venue for concerts with artists such as Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bolton, Elton John and Sting. I think the Romans would approve. Especially Sting, I mean c'mon Fields of Gold who doesn't love that song?
I made it to the arena on the most beautiful sunny day I've seen since I've been in Croatia. Below are pictures from my quick jaunt around the amphitheater. It was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. 

Statue of naval officer outside Pula Arena

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